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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Those Crazy Wraps...

Have you heard of those Crazy Wraps? Of course you have. The ItWorks Ultimate Body Applicators are everywhere you are online...Facebook, websites, blogs, Twitter, Instagram...everywhere.
Have you tried them? Crazy aren't they?

Crazy easy to apply. 
*Just pick the area you want to wrap...thighs, buttocks, forearms, neck/chin, belly, etc. Wash with hot water (no soap) and pat dry thoroughly.
*Apply the herbal-saturated wrap film lotion-side down, smooth out any wrinkles, cover with an outer wrap to hold it in place...plastic wrap, ACE bandage, Fab Wrap from ItWorks,  etc. What you use doesn't make a difference, you are simply helping to keep the Wrap in place.
*Wear it for at least 45 minutes (recommended for your first use to check for any skin sensitivities). With your 2nd wrap and after, you may leave it on for several hours, up to 8 total.
*Drink water while you're wearing the Wrap. Recommended is 2 16oz glasses of water your first 45 minutes. Ideally, you are already drinking half your weight in ounces of water daily (example: 200# weight=100 ounces of water, or approx. 6 or so water bottles). Your body needs water to operate, with a Wrap, water is an added force behind its success. For the next 72 hours, while the Wrap effects are most active, keep drinking. This is vital to the level of success you will find with your Wraps, and it's just plain good for your body.
*After your time is up, remove the Wrap and rub in the remaining herbals solution. Don't be lazy here, that herbal solution is like GOLD for your body. Massage it in, especially over those areas of cellulite and puff. Bodies absorb lotions at different rates, so keep working at it and massage every bit of the residual lotion in.

Added Notes:
Do not exercise while wearing your Wrap. You want to absorb the herbal solution, not sweat it off!
Do not shower immediately after Wrapping. Allow the solution to soak in.
Try not to Wrap during your monthly cycle. The hormonal imbalance won't do you any favors and you won't be encouraged by the lack of results.
For the days following your Wrap, do not smoke or drink alcohol (not a good habit to begin with, but why try to get healthy, open your pores, and look your best if you're going to load up on toxins?) Avoid sugars, fatty foods, watch your salt intake, etc. You have heard all this before I'm sure. They are plain and simple common sense advice nuggets.
Wrap only one main area at a time...which means thighs are good, buttocks are good, arms are good, belly is good...just not any two areas at the same time. The Wraps effects continue on for 72 hours, 3 days. Do not wrap until after this time.

Remember, a treatment consists of 4 Wrap applications, not just a single one, though many say they results from just one are very encouraging!

If you're interested in trying That Crazy Wrap Thing, I'd love to work with you. Aside from the Wraps, there are many other great products available. I use Fat Fighters, Thermofit, the exfoliating peel, and Greens Chews, as well as the wraps. There are many products, and as a Loyal Customer, you'll get a great discount! I'd love to help you get your vision of a 'healthier you' back on track!
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