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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Adding to the stash...

Over the weekend I started putting some other items together, taking a break from all the baby sewing I've been working on lately. No, no grand-baby photos to share here yet...soon, soon. Just a few short weeks left and the young man will make his appearance! Probably a good thing seeing as I have several projects to get finished up for not only him, but the 'business' as well. I'm sure once he arrives, I will be a bit side-tracked from making salves, key rings, and embroidered gifts LOL

Among the items I toyed with putting together were some crocheted key rings. We have some cute flip flop key rings and some handy lip balm cozies. I also tried out a couple ideas for headbands that seem to work up well. My girls are enjoying them :-)
I did up a few of each to sort of 'test' the waters for sale before making too many.
What do you think...anyone in the market for a cute flip flop to hold their keys?

Flip Flop key ring...  $4.00
Lip balm cozy with key ring...  $3.00
Headbands, various widths, sized child thru adult...   plain $4.00  with flower $6.00

Yes, I will work on getting much better photos of the sale items up. I'm just filling in the gaps for now :-)